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The purpose of the Street Children Assistance and Development Program (SCADP) is to remove children from their street-life or protect child victims from violence or family breakdown. We are a Cambodian non-government organisation and do not have a political tendency. What we do posses is a strong vision of working towards a society with the respect of human rights, sustainability, non-discrimination and no abuse of the rights of a child.

As an organisation, SCADP has come a long way since it’s founding in 1992. From 1993 to 1999, the number of street children increased in Phnom Penh city. At this time the organisation focused it's efforts on a 'Quick Survival Strategy' for the children living on the streets, whilst also working with families in surrounding provinces to integrate the children back into their family homes. However, we faced a major challenge as some children went on to become thieves, pickpockets, drug/physical abusers and exploited labourers. The work of the Quick Survival Strategy was the major focus of SCADP until we changed our emphasis towards creating a sustainable future for the children of the streets.

KHMER (Part 2)

FRENCH (Part 2)

From 1999 onwards, SCADP has worked to strengthen the capacities of the children, their families and communities as a whole. The organisation extended its community programs from Phnom Penh to Prey Veng, Kandal, Koh Kong, Preah Vinhear and Kampong Speu  and several other provinces in accordance with the expression of need from local communities. The projects undertaken by SCADP are located in slums, the former strongholds of Khmer Rouge soldiers, remote villages not receiving funding, child-labour zones and cooperative communes.

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